Posted on Mar 18, 2020

Web Legal Consultant - Digital Marketing

Web Legal Consultant - Digital Marketing Services - Cyber Law Consulting Services - Cyber Auditing

Web legal consultant is a person or a firm who can take care of all legal and technological matters with respect to usage of all types of internet in business. Web legal consultant shall be qualified legal graduates with rich experience in web technology. It is to provide end to end solutions in digital issues by providing various techno-Legal services. Cyber Law & Consulting Services -Drafting all types of Techno-legal Agreements for various emerging technologies based businesses like web, apps, e-commerce, e-governance, cloud computing, mobile computing, grid computing, virtual currency, block chain, IoT, Big data, AIML, Fin-tech, SEO, SMM and others. Full Litigation Support Services -Web Application, Security Audit, etc.
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